Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thistle Hill Ranch Going-On's Before the Big Snow!



Ummm, not that Sandy!

Sandy our mare...Although, I do sing Grease songs to her.

She's due anytime now. As you can see from her shadow, she's HUGE!

We had the ferrier come out to do all of the mares feet, including her. This was her first time, since we've owned her, that she had her feet done without a shot to relax her. She was a total FREAK! She would get, what I call crazy eyes, and kick. She almost kicked our horse vets arm out of her socket...sigh!

So we started giving her a combo tranquilizer that relaxed her enough to do her feet, but not too much, so she was cognizant of the whole experience. This way the ferrier could earn her trust and help her realize, we are just trying to help her.

Danny, our ferrier, is so fantastic that she finally feels safe and trusts him. It went SO well! She sat very still and lifted each foot without even a flinch. Sweet Momma!

A Mommy-to-be Spa Day!

We also had our heifers checked for pregnancy. Two of the 5 are pregnant! Round two is sometime in the next couple weeks, weather permitting, to try for the other 3 girls.

The vet gives them a sonogram. My boys got to see the little calves heart beats!

Then, we had to get the stalls cleaned out, and reworked for drainage. With Sandy due anytime, we needed to have the stalls VERY clean!

Can you say back breaking work? I am still hurting, and it's been almost a could be I'm just getting old...either way...UGH!

This is after we got down a layer of road base raked in and then fresh sand.

Glen used the tractor for some, and the rest was raking, shoveling, shoveling, and raking! WOW! But after all of that the water finally goes where it is supposed to, and out of the stalls.

We put back all the dividers, put down fresh shavings, and there were 3 very happy mares!


Here is a little tid bit from the house...
I found this great letter plaque at Hobby Lobby 60% off and had to have it. It reminded me of my typewriter letters. So above the desk it is!

So just about the time I get this house the way I want it, we will be building and moving into the new house....oh well! That's the fun of decorating, there's always something that needs to be decorated!

Have a Great Day & Happy Decorating!

Monday, February 23, 2015

First Time Ranchers = Lot's of Firsts

Our lives have changed drastically in one year! There are so many firsts for us this year year.


1. Things You Never Thought You'd Text:

2. Things You Never Thought You'd Need to Learn:

How to use a tractor. Luckily I have my husband to teach me, and here he is spreading the new road base.

3. How to Breed Cattle and Horses & How to assist in calving and foaling:

We have had to read, ask questions, & take notes on what to expect with both our cattle and horses. This includes, vaccinations, physical changes, proper minerals and feed for breeding, etc. I knew it was a lot of work, but there is a lot more involved than I expected. It has all been an awesome learning experience, and every month that goes by I feel more and more confident. I know my husband Glen knows all of this, but relying on him to do everything is ridiculous. Whatever I can learn to do on my own, I'm learning it!

So hopefully we will have a lot of darling farm babies soon.

4. Making calls for the best road base prices and driveway slurrie

It is done, and what a difference it has made. Not just to drive on, but looks too!

We even had some leftover for the fire pit area. I can't wait for it to warm up enough to put the cushions back out.

5. Falling Stars

We have been so lucky! We have seen, (all of us combined), 5 falling stars. In the city, even where we were in the suburbs, the city lights were too bright to really see a lot of stars. Out here, we see so many stars, it's really a treat. Seeing the amount of stars we do here at night, is something normally we would only experience during vacations to the mountains.

Seeing falling stars... AMAZING! Just wish I had a picture to share.

6. A donkey as a pet...

She sure is a sweet thing, that loves her herd of heifers, & her humans!

7. Our 1st Snow/Ice Day at Thistle Hill Ranch!

Even though we homeschool, if Dad gets a snow day from work, we take one too!

Have a Great Week!

And Never Forget~

The day you run out of 1st's is the day you stop living!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Fifty Shades of Grammar" from Grammarly

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is no secret, that I LOVE books! I must confess, that I have not read "Fifty Shades of Grey".

I know...It's a cataclysmic FAIL!

It's hard to not hear how popular and wonderful this book is; but, between homeschooling and ranching, my free time to read my "for me" books, is very limited!

I love all genres of writing. I love reading the classics a lot! It is always interesting to me how much language has changed. This holds true for grammar as well.

Homeschooling my two boys, I have found myself second guessing my high school & college education in writing. I am constantly looking up what I think is grammatically incorrect, to verify that I'm right, or find out I was completely wrong. Not to mention, punctuation mistakes my children make in their writing, and making sure what I know, is still accurate. I think we all get complacent, and have bad habits.

Don't judge my punctuation and grammar now... I definitely have bad habits! I'm comma happy, among many other things.

So, it is always nice to have a "one stop shop" for learning in grammar. We love Grammarly and I sure like when Nikolas Baron writes to show me the latest and greatest at Grammarly.

I hope you enjoy the infographic from Grammarly, it really is interesting.

Be sure and check out Grammarly. They are a resource that is invaluable for our homeschool, and in my opinion, all writers.


Hi Jennifer,

I hope this email finds you well! We've exchanged emails about Grammarly's content in the past, so I wanted to reach out to you with some new research that may be right up your alley.

Although it topped bestseller lists around the world, E. L. James’ erotic romance novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, was widely panned by critics for its poor use of language.

The Grammarly team reviewed the book for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and learned that -- although there were some mistakes -- the errors were in alignment with similar gaffes in celebrated romances. It seems that the language of love really is a language of its own!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Grammarly: Fifty Shades of Grammar

Grammarly Grammar-Check

Have a Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Writing!


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thistle Hill Ranch Happenings

Our week has been crazy busy. I guess that's why I haven't blogged in a week.

Here is a quick summation of the week:

We had their orthodontist visit, an hour and a half away, on Tuesday; and that always seems to mess up our flow for the week. But we were able to do our flex-day classes and even finish Art.

They were doing seascapes learning about the layering of colors. They seemed frustrated at first and then, they really got into the project. I was really pleased with their work. It's one of those projects that always comes out nicely and you really can't "mess up". Therefore, they aren't so consumed with how it looks and are really learning the techniques.

This was our inspiration art from my Pinterest Board " Art Ideas for Homeschool"
Here they are displayed, in our Art Display Frame.


Wednesday, we had our driveway resurfaced, mowed our front meadow across the creek, with the tractor, and it looks so much better! Then, as he was mowing, I picked up trash from passerby's on the road....always pleasant..UGH!

We were able to break for lunch and decided on a picnic in our back pasture. We threw a big basket of food, folding table and chairs in the Kawasaki. Then, at the suggestion of the boys, they wanted to picnic in what they call, my circle of trees. I guess I mentioned wanting a picnic there someday enough, that they indulged me. It was so relaxing and such beautiful weather, it couldn't have been more perfect. Landen said that he swears everything tastes better at a picnic.
On Thursday, Glen and I were able to get more of the, still leftover ranch trash, from the previous owners, picked up and were able to make a dump and recycling run.

Then, with an empty trailer, we were able to get cattle and horse feed. He and the boys stripped and cleaned the stalls too, so all is clean and fresh. Due to my asthma, I let the guys clean tge stalls and I caught up on laundry and started dinner.

The list of "Ranch To Do's" are still long, but getting shorter.

I love getting things accomplished, I'm a do' getting things organized, clean, and orderly make my heart SING!

Here are a few photos of our week...

Now I'm finally able to prove who keeps knocking down the urn at the pond...I guess I will have to move it, sigh...

Today the weather has turned to cold once more and rainy. I stocked up on good food, and new ideas for school next week.

So as I sit by the fire with our cozy Westies, I hope your weekend is just as cozy.

Stay Warm and Have a Great Weekend!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Homeschooling on Saturday?

YES, as some of you already know...Because we take off Wednesday & Thursday, which is my husband's day off. In sales, days off are often unpredictable. Now that we homeschool, he gets to spend time with them on his days off.

Homeschooling is great for crazy schedules! Depending on appointments, and ever changing schedules, you can adjust your schedule.

Writing a Short Story Together...To Be Continued!
Now they are getting serious!

How Do You Homeschool?

Happy Saturday!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Redo of The Re-Design~

Or Furniture!


So, if you remember, I have mentioned before, that I'm always redesigning or shifting things around. I think my habit is worse in a new space. We have been here almost 8 months, and I'm still experimenting . Everything happened so fast and I really didn't have a chance to plan the accessories placement.

So...I PLAY!

Here are a few of the recent BEFORE , as of...beginning of this month, and the AFTER pictures!

BEFORE: Dinette

I took out the chocolate pillows, added the new yellow & white pillows and switched out the blue gingham quilt topper, and placed a white tablecloth on top.

* Also, don't you just love the view, I know it's hard to see; but, it's our hay meadow, pond (far right, not in the picture), and middle of our property tree line. I just love drinking coffee watching the birds fly over the meadow and pond!


BEFORE: Formal Dining Room

Again...not my favorite mirror, and not the perfect placement, but trying not to buy more for this house! Patience...waiting for the new house!

I like that the room looks clean and uncluttered.

It is also nice for more school space!


BEFORE: Entrance


A Couple Different Angles of the Entrance


BEFORE: Living Room


AFTER: I moved the large painting to over the fireplace from the dining room. I moved the pheasant to over the bookcase, which I also rearranged. I bought yellow and white pillows to bring in some sunshine! I also found the embroidered pillow for the chair too.


BEFORE: Outdoor Front Yard. View of the Front Pasture.

This is pretty drab & boring right now, but come Spring, it will be more lively!
I moved the previous seating to the pond. This sofa and coffee table, is from our Liliputian back patio/ deck. I moved two chairs to the back, and it feels much less crowded. Now, there is a seating area in the 3 spots we really use, the pond, the front yard and back patio.

Happy Decorating & Have a Great Weekend!